The questionnaires relate to standard questions and requirements in the area of sustainability and compliance. You have either the possibility to upload a certificate of your certified management system or alternatively to fill in a short questionnaire about the topic.


How do I upload a certificate

For a step by step guide on how to upload certificates, please go to our article How do I upload certificates?


I do not have a certificate - How do I fill out the questionnaires?

If you do not have any certificate, it does not matter. Answering the questions is equivalent to uploading a certificate. You simply click on "No" and answer the short questionnaire instead. The questionnaires check to what extent you already meet the requirements of a corresponding management system. 

If you feel that the questions seem unsuitable to your company, please read our article The questions do not apply to our company.


When will I be done with my assessment?

Once you have started filling out a questionnaire, your status will change to green, yellow or red, depending on your answers given. If this is the case, then you are done with the questionnaire. Do the same with the next questionnaire. If you are not satisfied with the result of a questionnaire, you can reopen it and modify your answers.


More help

Please also note, IntegrityNext regularly offers live webinars and video tutorials to help you use the platform and fill out questionnaires. Please visit our supplier webinars page here: Supplier Webinars and Tutorials
There you will find further information regarding the Sustainability and Compliance assessments.

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